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For the past 18 years, Nesher has been operating an educational Visitor Center at the Company’s Ramla site, hosting students, retirees, soldiers, university students, professionals, families, local residents, tourists, etc. The tours are guided by an experienced team of Nesher employees and retirees, and focus on Nesher's activities, cement and it functions, the Israeli cement market and more.

The Center hosts family tours to the general public four times a year: Passover, Succoth, Hanukkah and Independence Day. The visits include activities and tours of the plant. These tours, guided by plant employees, Nesher executives, and the Visitors Center guides, offer the visitors a glance at the company's activity, and promote direct, sincere dialog between the visitors and the Company.

The Visitor Center hosts more than 20,000 visitors each year. The Visitors Center hosts organized groups year-round and these visits include a tour of the various plant sites. The center offers training and in-depth explanations of the manufacturing processes and Nesher’s activities to protect the environment.

Nesher invites the public to visit its Visitors Center and learn about the company's activities, and works to set up collaborative efforts with organizations across the country.


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