Company Structure

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Corporate Structure

The Company headquarters, located in Ramla, include the following officers and divisions: Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice President and Head of the Cement Division, Senior Vice President Policy, Planning and Strategy, CFO, VPs for HR, Sales and Customer Relations, IT, Projects, Environmental Affairs, and Assets. Plant managers report to the Senior Vice President and Head of the Cement Division.

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of Board of Directors

The Company’s Board of Directors is comprised of six Clal Industries Ltd. representatives. The chairman of the Board of Directors is elected from among the members of the board. The chairman represents the owners and is involved in the company’s activities, whereas the other directors represent the owners yet do not hold managerial positions in the Company.


Paper Products Manufacturing Ltd.

Founded in 1952, the paper products manufacturing plant was founded by Nesher in order to supply the paper bags used in the marketing of cement and to reduce the Company’s foreign currency costs. Today the plant manufactures approximately 25 million cement bags per year, as well as approximately 20 million bags of various types and sizes for other customers from the chemistry, agriculture, plastics and food industries in Israel and overseas. Furthermore, the company manufactures approximately 80 million paper bags for packing flour, sugar, etc.


Arizot Yezira Ltd.

A leading company in the designed packaging and paper bags market. The company supplies all stages of the package production process, from designing to printing and production. The packaging products are sold to various retail categories: clothing, cosmetics, shoes, home products etc.


M.P. Minerals and Marble Ltd.

The company deals with quarrying and producing pure chalk (calcium carbonate). The company owns two high quality white chalk deposits. The plant produces various high quality products for the chemical industries, the production of advanced building materials, animal food, treatment of drinking water, decoration and more. In addition, the ground chalk is used to produce pigment powders for the color and polymer industries. Thanks to its purity and unique chemical composition, chalk is also used as a superb raw material in the food and drugs industries.


Taavura Holdings Ltd.

The Taavura Group is the largest transportation and logistics company in Israel. The group is jointly owned in equal parts by Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Ltd. and Avraham Livnat Ltd. Taavura, which began its activities following the formation of the State of Israel, has gained years of experience and a reputation in the fields of ground transportation and infrastructure works.


Ye'elim Transport Ltd.

A land transport company founded in 1994 based on the operations of the Yael cooperative, founded by the veterans of the Second World War Jewish Brigade. Ye'elim transports bagged cement to the Israeli market and to the Palestinian Autonomy. The company also specializes in platform transport, and transport of containers, quarried minerals and other cargos. The company supplies efficient and immediate service in accordance with the customers' requirements.